The biggest feature that has been focused on about the 2012 MacBook Air is the anticipated silicon upgrade, which boasts “up to 60% faster graphics.” However, there are tons of little changes that, all together, make the MacBook Air a better machine overall. Even though the machine doesn’t look a lot different, it packs quite a punch.

The new Core i5-3427U 1.8HZ chip comes with Turbo Boost and Intel’s HD graphics. What does this mean for you? Better, faster, sharper quality on the games you play and videos you watch. The chip is even power efficient; it only draws 17 watts of electricity.

Then there’s the new solid-state drive, or SSD. The SSD in the MacBook is made by Toshiba and has a SandForce controller, suggesting that the SSD has been upgraded. A high quality controller chip such as SandForce will mean that the SSD drive not only lasts longer, but delivers better quality.

Apple has been most proud of the MacBook Air’s quieter fan with its new design. They said that “in most fans, the blades are positioned symmetrically, which creates a single identifiable frequency. We positioned ours asymmetrically to spread the sound over a variety of frequencies, which makes it seem quieter.” Apple also says the MacBook will be able to sit in laps without the heat becoming a problem, due to the new fan design.

Overall, the new MacBook Air 2012 looks like it could be an excellent purchase for the casual gamer or the active businessman. The hardy outer casing and new upgrades make the MacBook Air ideal for many groups of individuals.

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