Many companies have tried to enter the tablet market in time for the summer and Christmas rushes, and the market is flooded with products from a dozen different companies. Despite the massive number of choices however, new data from ChangeWave indicates that the iPad stomps its competition.

Over 70% of people that are planning to buy tablets in the next 90 days are heading right towards the iPad. The survey included almost 3,000 consumers from all regions of the United States. The next in line after the iPad was the Amazon Fire, which came in at 8%. Other than the Galaxy Tab, no other vendor came in at more than 3%.

The real shock from the new study is the significant drop in Kindle Fire’s interest. When the Fire launched, over 22% of respondents indicated that they would be purchasing one in the coming months. The biggest problem the Fire has been the user satisfaction says ChangeWave, and only a little over half of buyers were satisfied with their purchases. Considering that most non-Apple satisfaction ratings are around 30%, the Fire came out ahead. However, iPad’s satisfaction rating comes in at about 74%.

One of Amazon’s main advantages in the past few months has been that the price point of the Kindle Fire has been incredibly low in comparison to the iPad. To make things harder on Amazon, Apple is planning on releasing a 7-inch iPad that will only be a few dollars more than Amazon’s Fire. When the new iPad mini is released, Amazon’s tablet will likely drop off the market completely. ChangeWave thinks it will hang in there for the few months before the new release, though.

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