One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to find new and exciting ways to make some extra money. Not only can it be fun and interesting, but the payoff when you come up with a stellar idea is immensely satisfying. So how can you get everyone in your organization to think in a big way? Is there a way to encourage innovative and, ultimately, profitable thinking amongst your employees? Although nothing is surefire, there are a couple of ways you can try to spur good thoughts.

Big Ideas, Small Success

Sometimes big ideas are the beginnings of something amazing, but that doesn’t mean they can be implemented overnight. Small successes are just as important. For example, if an employee has an idea you think could change the face of your company in a good way, don’t discourage it. Let’s say they want to upgrade all of the computers in your business to high-efficiency touchscreens. The employee says this will mean more productive employees and a higher turnover rate for customers on hold. Obviously, this is a big financial undertaking, and will have to be done in doses. Even one or two units to start with is a small step in the right direction. Small successes can lead to large ones over time.

Let Your Employees Do Their Thing

Rules aren’t a bad thing, but sometimes they can stifle creativity. When hiring an employee, you should be looking for someone who can work freely without much supervision once they’ve been taught what they should do. Sometimes, leaving someone with just a direction and not forcing them to do everything a certain way can mean bigger, better ideas. The teams that created some of the most brilliant technology, such as the CD-ROM, never imposed any rules on their employees – employers let them work, and the team developed extraordinary ideas on their own.

Encourage Innovation

Don’t just stand back and let your employees do everything on their own. As their leader, you have a responsibility to set a good example. Be engaged in their activities without being controlling and reward them when they do well and overcome obstacles. Rewards can go from pizza on a late night all the way to an office competition that guarantees a prime parking spot.

No matter what, innovative ideas and creativity are essential in an ever-growing market.