Even though LinkedIn’s website has long been mobile friendly, they’ve finally released a new mobile app meant just for phones – Windows Smartphones, to be exact.

“We know professionals rely on their mobile devices every day to conduct business and to stay prepared for their work day. We’ve been working hard to make this new LinkedIn app best-in-class in the Windows Phone marketplace,” says Tomer Cohen, a mobile product manager that works for LinkedIn, “LinkedIn For Windows Phone makes it easy to get on-the-go access to your professional network and [offers] all the rich LinkedIn insights to help you be great at what you do.”

The new Windows app joins the iPhone and Android applications, even though the company insists that the Windows version is the most sleek and sophisticated version they’ve ever created. “We are now making it possible for even more professionals to gather the important insights they need to make smarter business decisions right from their Windows Phone device – and you’ll find that the Windows Phone app offers even more functionality than its iOS and Android siblings.”

The purpose of this application, LinkedIn says, is to connect professionals with other professionals. The app is designed to include a real-time update stream with news and information from a number of connections and groups. The application is free and takes around thirty seconds to download because of its compact 1MB size.

Even though LinkedIn is growing every day, it’s still only around 150 million users strong. Compared to Facebook’s near billion users, this number doesn’t seem very impressive, and LinkedIn appears to have a lot of catching up to do. With all of their recent updates to its site and mobile applications, however, they aim to show both users and potential users just how vital the information on their site can be. With a little luck, LinkedIn will grow into the advanced networking system it’s trying to be.