Twitter has long been for high-end mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. However, recently Twitter has undergone a complete revamp, and even people who don’t have fancy devices or live in rural areas can now use the upgraded version of Twitter for mobile Web browsing.

Twitter wishes to “give every person on the planet a consistent Twitter experience,” and because of this new initiative, it’s standardizing the program for all platforms including all browsers and phones. This means good things for people who have limited Web access or can’t always connect to the internet via their smartphones. It also speeds the program up so that even slow connections can access the site to send out a tweet or two.

The mobile upgrade uses the newest version of Twitter which was announced and implemented in December. Some of the useful new features include being able to view every available tweet from the “Home” page by clicking a tab, see who’s mentioned you under the @mentions tab, and even a new implementation that allows you to see which of your tweets are trending and work best for you when you post them.

Low-bandwidth networks, feature phones, and even older versions of any browser can simply visit to experience a comprehensive version of Twitter that doesn’t compromise speed for style.

Twitter plans on continuing to make their media platform a “more accessible way to connect the world,” even as technology plunges forward. Twitter doesn’t plan on leaving anyone behind and wants everyone to enjoy their network.

So for those of you who refuse to upgrade to new phones or are stuck on an old version of Firefox, fear not – Twitter will look just as sleek and will run just as fast for you as it will for the next person with all of the perks.