If your office has a problem with social media addiction, it can be difficult to control, especially if you’ve never had to deal with that kind of thing before. Social media is fairly new, and some of the platforms have only been around for a couple of years. Because of new innovations, however, it’s time to take a stand against overuse of social media. Read on to see where you can start.

Make an Official Document

One of the best ways to establish new boundaries is to write everything that you want enforced down. It can be just a page or so that discusses the new changes to the workplace. Take some time and discuss the new policy with all of your employees, either in a meeting or individually. Make sure that you also include the new piece of writing in all employee handbooks for new employees. You can also send an email out to all of the employees to remind them and make the new policy clear. This will help counter unauthorized use of social media immediately.

Deal with Disgruntled Employees Appropriately

Disgruntled employees aren't usually disgruntled if their work environment is pleasant and the challenges presented at work are reasonable and attainable. So when they are disgruntled, you will need to deal with them appropriately. Equip supervisors with excellent tools that will help them manage the employees. Work with the employees who have issues and acknowledge and address the issues at hand. Let the employee - or employees – know that they are being heard. When you're trying to achieve this, you will need to organize the way you communicate and make sure those lines are always open. Be proactive instead of reactive when an employee has a complaint so everyone can benefit from he situation.