ID-10015349So the number of hits you’re getting is going up, but for some reason, you’re not gaining any new customers. And why would you, unless you were offering truly valuable information? You would expect those who come by to look at your website and, if they don’t find anything valuable, to walk away. But other things also scare away customers, and it’s important to consider those things when you’re working on bringing in more customers.

Don’t Have Pop-Ups

Have you ever visited a website, only to have another full-sized window pop-up in front of it to offer you a free e-book? Not only does this annoy your customers, it makes them feel impatient. Internet users are already impatient enough because of how fast the Internet has gotten these days, so delaying the point of your website with an ad like that will only make people walk away. The only exception is if you carry years of trust and credibility, which takes time to build.

Google Analytics Can Help You Today

One analytic of choice is something called a “heat map”. A heat map basically tells you where a person is visiting on your website and how long they stay. This can be handy because it tells you how interesting your content is on a given page. If you make adjustments you can also see how it affects your conversion rate. For example, if you move a particular link from the bottom of a page to the top and your conversion rate is higher, you’ll know whether the move you made was effective – or not.