When you’re struggling to find the right way to make your presentation stand out, turning to advice is sometimes the only way to go. You want your presentation to be distinct and memorable; if your audience has good memories of how you represented your company, then it’s more likely you’ll be making a sale later that week. Here are a few things to consider when designing a presentation.

Don’t Get Cocky

"I don't prepare for presentations! I just wing it, and I always do well!" is not something you should ever hear yourself say as a professional. Unfortunately, you're not a high school student anymore, and saying things like that will only get you in trouble - or you'll have fewer sales to show for all of your hard work.  Just winging a presentation truly does your audience a disservice.  Even if you're an excellent off-the-cuff speaker, you probably aren't going to escape all of the consequences of not preparing. Excessive "uhhh," wasted time trying to gather your thoughts, and too much enthusiasm are all byproducts of a poorly prepared salesperson.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Instead, you should consider your message carefully before your meeting. Even if you don't have your talk down word for word, you should have an exceptionally good idea of what you're going to say before you walk into a room. Generally, this means practice, practice, practice. Make sure everything you say during your talk has a distinct purpose. Ask yourself if the content on your slides makes perfect sense in conjunction with everything you say. Do you think your listeners will care about that last point on your presentation? If not, eliminate it. Will that story about your childhood really enhance your presentation? Is that data useful? Make sure you've got your presentation perfected before presenting to guarantee a good experience for your audience.