Facebook acquired Spool earlier this week. Spool is a small company based in San Francisco that specializes in mobile bookmarking. Spool was mostly about content consumption, and Facebook has been struggling with the area for several months now to try and improve their standing.

Spool, the service, has already been shut down by Facebook. In fact, the program never even made it out of Beta. Any user that did harness the program was sent an e-mail that had their bookmarks and other “personal belongings” attached before the site shut down for good. They also recommended that all Spool users move to Pocket or Delicious, two of Spool’s competitors.

Spool only had five employees, and though Facebook is saying they bought Spool itself, it has worked out to be more like a talent acquisition. Facebook did not buy the technology nor the user data behind the service.

Spool says that they built “some very sophisticiated technology and developed an expertise in mobile software development,” which is what intrigued Facebook in the first place. They also said that they will be “pursuing their vision as a part of Facebook,” indicating that they will continue to try and integrate mobile bookmarking and other mobile technology into the social media giant.

“The Spool team has deep expertise in mobile software development and a passion for making content easy to consume,” a Facebook statement read. “We’re excited for the team to join and accelerate their vision at Facebook.”

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