These days, we have the ability to contact people anywhere they are, at any time, through just about any medium we want. This has significantly changed the idea of vacationing over the past decade, according to a recent survey by TeamViewer. Nowadays, most employees expect that they’ll have to work while they’re away from the office – some 52% expect their bosses to contact them.

According to the survey, 30% of employees will be expected to read their work emails on vacation, and 23% will have to take office-related calls. 13% of those surveyed expect to be required to access information from their office via computer, and continue to do actual work. Men reported these expectations more than women, single people more than those who were married, and West Coast residents more than those of any other region.

In addition, some 80% of employees said that they were “very burnt out” from their jobs – a fact TeamViewer suggests may be due to employer’s constant expectations, vacation time regardless. The survey company suggests if employees aren’t expected to work on vacation, that they leave all wireless devices at the hotel to facilitate relaxation and mitigate anxiety. All plans should be communicated to clients in advance, so that everyone is on the same page. “Vacations should be absolutely relaxing”, says TeamViewer. “Make sure you encourage relaxation and let go of the electronics for just a moment.”

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