Most companies have harnessed the power of social media; however, some companies are still left in the dark. They may have a Facebook and Twitter, but they aren’t using them properly. As a result, they don’t see the number of leads they should, and some people are posting negative feedback without any sort of response. Check out what to avoid in the tips below.

Treating Facebook and Twitter as a One-Way Communication Tool

When someone posts feedback on your wall, you have the ability to ‘like’ it and comment on it as your business. There is no reason you shouldn’t be using this to your advantage. Some companies delete negative feedback or ignore it completely because they fear that if they do communicate with these people, they will be seen in a negative light by other fans. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. Responding to negative feedback on your wall can make you look like you care about your customers, especially if you go as far as to make it right in front of your thousands of fans. That will convince many of your fans that you’re a trustworthy company.

Using Social Media Platforms as Promotional Tools Only

A promo here and there is often appreciated by fans, especially when they benefit exclusively because they’re Facebook or Twitter fans (that is, the promotion wasn’t posted anywhere else, just on the social media platform). However, using a page as a promotional tool alone can make your fans feel disconnected from you and your company. This is a mistake: the more connected they feel, the more brand-loyal they’ll be. Instead of just posting promotions, share interesting information you stumble across and pertinent pictures and images that might entertain and engage your audience.

Abandoning a Created Page

Completely neglecting your Facebook page doesn’t mean people won’t ‘like’ it. This is the age of social media, and because of this, people like to see companies they like engaging them in the places they’re at. Facebook and Twitter are two of the largest social media networks in the world, which means if you’re there, you have the potential to grow your client base significantly. Ignoring it means you won’t have that opportunity, and the fan base you already have will feel abandoned and neglected as well. If you’re having trouble keeping up, hire someone to post twice a day. There are many freelancers that are experts in social media, and they don’t charge much for their services.