Most devices these days can browse the Internet. From phones to tablets to gaming systems, everything seems to have some wireless way to connect and browse the web. According to Cisco, the increased number of ways to connect to the internet – coupled with faster networks and more users – means that the Internet’s usage is going to skyrocket.

Cisco expects that by 2016, the Internet will reach the equivalent of 1.3 zettabytes of information traffic (a zettabyte is equal to one trillion gigabytes). Cisco also thinks that 2016 will be the “year of data” and that more information will travel across networks in that year alone than in every other year combined.

The number of constant connections to the Internet will only continue to increase. Cisco believes that by 2016 there will be over 18.9 billion network connections, which is a little over two connections for every single person in the world. This statistic accounts for individuals in developed countries that own several devices that can connect to the Internet. Even with these numbers looming and with the amount of data use already overwhelming data carriers, big phone companies are still pushing for more users to pick up a smartphone. Some companies are even looking for other forms of technology to carry data plans, such as refrigerators and dog collars.

Videos and live streaming seem to take the cake when it comes to using up bandwidth, and with the increase in popularity of 3DTVs and Smart Television technology, video streaming will start to hog even more of the Internet’s traffic use. Cisco projects that over 1.2 million video minutes will be streamed every second by 2016. Many of these videos will be streamed via WiFi, which already takes up almost half of today’s Internet connections.

Cisco also believes that all of this new traffic will triple their company’s size, since they deal mostly with networking and electronic payment systems.